Unique moments, from a new perspective

Orbit Media specialise in Aerial Filming and Photography. Experience breathtaking views that you never thought possible and use them to for promotional material or simply treasure them as memories for years to come.

With limitless applications, we can give you stunning high-definition images and video, using the latest in drone technology.

Fully qualified and licensed, our professional service makes sure you get the very best results. We can operate in the background or as part of a full promotional shoot, it’s completely up to you.

Orbit Media includes and provides a full professional editing service to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Aerial Filming & Photography

  • Property – We can create a truly stunning video of your home, showing off all it’s best features which can be used for selling the house yourself on such sites like Rightmove or through an estate agent. For some, it maybe just to have as a memory of there beautiful home!
  • Luxury Cars Sales – Show the car on the open road giving the buyer a completely new perspective.
  • Luxury Yachts Sales – See the yacht out on the open seas. Give the buyer a taste of what they could have!
  • Weddings – Hire Orbit Media to accompany your videographer to capture amazing aerial footage of your big day.
  • Lettings – Holiday Homes / Office Space / Apartments: We can create a short promotional video to increase interest in the property.
  • Land Sales – Short clip of the Land, giving people an idea of scale and what is surrounding it.
  • Commercial Property – For big commercial properties an aerial video & photographs can give a potential buyer a real idea of it’s potential.
  • Construction – Time lapse of building works captured over weeks and months of the building process.
  • School photos – Kids in straight formation or even something fun like spelling the name of your school.
  • Roof / High Area Inspections – Damaged roof? A short video & detailed photographs can give you & the repair company an idea of the job at hand.
  • Insurance Claims – Inspection before claim can be approved.
  • Agriculture – Birds-Eye View for farmers to check their crops & fields in the comfort of their own home.
  • Architects / Surveyors – Pictures of the potential land that could be developed.
  • Archaeology – Birds-eye view, giving greater detail of outlines.
  • Promotions – Small or Large Businesses: A short video showing an overview of your business and its location.
  • Concert Venues and Arenas – Capture the excitement of a live event from angles no one else will see.
  • Parties – Capture unforgettable memories from a whole new perspective.
  • Home Photo – Just want a nice picture of your home, no problem, choose from a selection of pictures then have it printed and framed.
  • Festivals / Outdoor Events – Capture the fun filled day from the sky.

* We can also supply still photographs for any video-based projects.

If you can think of something we haven’t listed, please get in touch and let us know.